Departmental contacts

Departmental contacts

With over 100 years of experience we are here to help you. Meet the amazing office staff!

Rachael Sheaffer Salla

Phone: (717) 766-7061
Fax: (717) 766-8620

Scott Salla

Vice President/Strategic Projects
Phone: (717) 766-7061
Fax: (717) 691-3292

Britney Merwine

Senior Office/Safety Coordinator
Phone: (717)766-7061
Fax: (717) 691-3292

Joanna Durbin

Director of Operations
Phone: (800) 235-7339
Fax: (717) 766-8620

Ashley Liddick

Staff Accountant
Phone: (717) 766-7061
Fax: (717) 691-3292

Adam Sheaffer

Operations Assistant
Phone: (800) 367-8789
Fax: (717) 766-8620

Barb Butari

Compliance Officer
Phone: (717) 766-7061
Fax: (717) 766-8620

J.R. Maroney

Web Master
Phone: (800) 712-8823

Power only
trailer relocation

Towaway Express has safely transported tens of thousands of trailers throughout the contiguous United States, and we want to transport your trailers safely as well. 

We are very proud of our safety record and of the professional manner in which our drivers have transported our customer’s trailers since 1985. With 34 years experience providing trailer relocation services, Towaway Express has become synonymous with the term “Power Only”.Request a Free Power Only Trucking Quote.

 When it comes to Power Only and Trailer Relocation services, communication with our customers is paramount, which is why we have a phone number that is answered 24 / 7, and you’ll never have to “press 1 for English”. We despise automated phone lines more than you do, and want you to speak with a real person who can tell you where your trailer is located or when it arrived. 

Request a quote today, and let us prove to you that we are dedicated to providing the best Power Only and Trailer Relocation services in the United States, bar none.

Call Us – 1 (800) 367-8789

DOT 265753

MCC 181480

1-800-FOR-TRUX (367-8789) – 24/hr

1-717-766-7061 – 8am-5pm, M-F

18 Brenneman Circle
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050