Batteries on a budget...

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Signs You Need To Replace Your Battery

There are many warning signs that it might be time to replace your battery. They are several things you can look for when determining if your battery is on the fritz. If it’s slow or no cranking, low volt meter readings, dim lights or slow turn signals. If you notice that any of these are occurring, then it might be time to come and get a replacement part.

Hint: If you jump your truck and the engine starts and runs, but won’t turn on again after turning off. It’s probably the battery. This means the alternator is working. The alternator’s job is to keep the vehicle running after it’s started. In this scenario, the battery can’t hold a charge after when the alternator is off.

Test & Inspect Your Battery

Inspect cables for broken jumpers or main terminal ends. Green or corrosion means resistance, and the batteries may not be getting a proper charge. You can also use a hydrometer or load tester to test your battery.


Depending on the age of the batteries, Wheelco recommends replacing all the batteries at the same time. For example, replacing one battery when the other two or three are a couple years old will impede the new battery’s performance. It will actually slow it down to the state of the older batteries after it has been installed. This is why Wheelco recommends replacing an entire set of batteries at the same time rather than piecemeal.