Remembering James B. and Eileen R. Frazier

Remembering James B. and Eileen R. Frazier, a part of our Towaway family; They were life-long residents of Fremont. James passed away 25 years ago, at the age of 67 and Eileen, on January 18, 2019, joined her much loved husband at the age 91. Over the years Eileen could not bring herself to sell the truck, so for 25 years she stored it in the garage they used. Three times a year the truck was started, ran up and down the drive and washed.
After Eileen passed away, their children, Kathy and Marie were left to decide what to do with their 1974 Diamond Reo semi-truck. Wanting to preserve what was a huge part of their lives they contacted the Iowa 80 Trucking Museum to see if they were interested in the 1974 Diamond Reo. They were. The museum picked it up to transport it on Saturday, March 16th. This is Kathy and Marie’s way of preserving a part of their beloved parents’ lives and just maybe an I-80 visitor or a driver they met along the way will stop and say, “I knew the owner, it was Jim & Eileen’s!”